Turning Interest Into Action

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Everyone deserves to be healthy.  Regardless of demographics or income status. 


Tragically, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Low-Income Americans, and other racial, and ethnic minorities have not enjoyed the same access to the personalized and comprehensive coaching and support that is needed to make sustainable transitions toward better health.  We believe this lack of personalized support to be one of the primary reasons for the disparity in health status between income levels in this country. 


At Grace Fitness it is our mission to coach and inspire individuals within communities affected by health disparity to break the cycle of poor health for themselves, their family, and their community.


We will accomplish this mission by ensuring equitable access to health and fitness-focused coaching, information, and services so everyone who wants to be healthy can have that opportunity.  Our focus is on creating workshops, programs, and training courses based on nutrition, functional fitness, weight management, and adopting healthy habits.  All of our programs and services are centered around active learning, community support, and sustainable results.