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The Healthy Transitions
Coaching Program 

Main Goals

  • Establish a regular time for exercise.

  • Develop a better understanding of and relationship with healthful foods. 

  • Create a Healthy Shopping List of foods that you enjoy and will regularly use to prepare healthy meals.

  • (Considerations will be made for those utilizing SNAP benefits and food pantry services. 

  • Enhance Food Preparation skills for easier and healthier home cooking. 

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12 Weeks of Action and Community Support

  • Weekly group meetings with lessons and worksheets (1 hour)

    • In-person if possible with safe distancing measures​

    • Zoom and Phone Conference Access

    • Recorded for later viewing

  • Weekly check-in with coach

    • Phone or Zoom

  • Access to a virtual forum for community support

    • Optional 'Phone Tree' Support group​

  • Food Prep Lessons

    • During weekly meetings​

  • Easy Healthful Recipes

    • Focused on Healthful Meals that will feed a family of 4 for under $2.00 per plate​.

  • Access to pre-recorded workouts and lessons at all levels

    • Chair Exercises​

    • Functional Fitness

Your Lead Coach 
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80lbs & 10 Dress Sizes!

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Lesson Topics

Seeing Yourself healthy

  • What does Healthy look like to you?

  • How do you get started?

    • Assessment of Barriers​

    • Assessment of Strengths

    • What can you do today?


In the Kitchen

  • What makes food "healthy"?

    • Introduction to​

      • Food Labels​

      • Nutrient Density

      • Whole Foods vs Processed Products

  • Eating Healthy on a Budget

    • Introduction to​

      • Creating a Healthy Weekly​ Shopping List

        • Using worksheet completed in the previous week's assignment​

      • Assessing Best Day and Time for Shopping

      • Macronutrient Distribution

  • ​​Planning for Convenience and Health

    • Introduction to​

      • Meal Planning for the Week​

        • Using foods purchased during weekly shopping ​

      • Food storage to keep leftovers fresh and easy to use

  • Simple Food Prep Tips

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Functional Movement

  • Instruction on posture and positioning through basic exercise movements to enhance balance, increase the efficiency of movement, and reduce the occurrence of exercise-related injury. 

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